March 5, 2020

the adelaide review – march 2020

Adelaide exhibition guide: March 2020   Craige Andrae: Project 6: Backyarder, Southwest Contemporary   The old vinyl needle is skipping tracks across that all time favourite album Contemporary: Top Hits as rarely-glimpsed art flaneur Craige Andrae hits the walls again after a quarter of a […]
January 24, 2020

on being here – june 2019

“mortal close ups”, “SOUTHWEST CONTEMPORARY”   An art gallery run by (and studio for) two Adelaide artists, Anton Hart and Craige Andrae, who along with a few others: Shaun Kirby (certainly) and John Barbour (possibly) were frequently referred to as “The A Team”, back in […]
January 24, 2020

the adelaide review – june 2019

Sturt Street’s new home of contemporary art   It’s not a commercial gallery or a not-for-profit gallery; it’s not a private gallery or an artist run initiative, even though it’s run by two artists. Southwest Contemporary doesn’t fit into any existing gallery structure and that’s […]